To more beautiful mysteries

Hey all, here’s wishing all dear souls a lovely New Year, with many more beautiful mysteries and wonderment in life! :)

As for me, I began the new year watching the loveliest cast of Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman and Brandon Walters drove cattle across the beautiful Australian outback in Baz Luhrmann’s awesome “Australia.” Narrated as an uber-beautiful epic of love, courage and hope in a land rich with the traditional stories of the earth, it’s one of the most gorgeous movies of our time, truly.

Left me musing that… at the end of it all, what most of us are indeed looking for is the one who is able to share one’s pain and suffering, and accept us as ourselves, in this journey we take together.

On a more personal front, am going to keep to what I began in late November-December last year. Am proud to have tried something beyond my usual circles of comfort, and gone ahead to just give it a go to see how far I could enjoy the journey.

So, for this year, am gonna try to keep to this newfound joy in trying out hobbies that might have their own share of exciting mysteries, let’s see. And yes, I shall aim to be nicer (more forgiving, more relaxed towards trying the new) to myself this year. :)

Take care all!

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2 thoughts on “To more beautiful mysteries

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience :)

    I’d love to hear from you always .. I love you’re writing . yeah .. I really really do ^_^

    This’s the first time I’ve visited your blog and I hope it won’t be the last .. thanks from my hear :)

    I’ll watch this an amazing film as soon as possible ^__^

    • Hi aeaml,
      Thank you for your thoughtful and lovely comments. I’m glad you like my posts. :)
      Do take care too and have a great 2012 ahead. Wishes!

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