Bonne année à tout le monde!

Am back – after exactly an entire year away from writing.
It feels good to finally be back – for sporadic posts at least, I am hoping, given the events at present.

So much has happened within the past year. Some quick updates, for friends (and personal record, and posterity, too?) on what has transpired since January 2011. I took a break from work – a long-forged dream (and old goal) to pursue my M.A. back at my alma mater. It took quite a bit of courage to wrench myself away from the routines of work I’d slipped into by then, the familiar faces and expectations, the unfamiliar but surmountable new challenges to rise to. But even moreso, even as the official handling of affairs itself took awhile – it was the packing up, clearing away of my staff desk (of five-ish years of precious notes both created by and for my old kids, gifts, memories of hard work and well-spent time and toil), spending more fast-fading time with cherished colleagues, friends and students, and the goodbyes that remain evermore precious to mine heart.

With the onset of August 2011, I have begun my major adventure of postgraduate studies back at NUS. As before, I am blessed with awesome Professors and tutorial-mates as well, and even though our classes are mostly evening classes (which mean I get home pretty late into the night), I know that getting to be a student again – this temporary break from work, a sabbatical of sorts – is a blessing in its own right – and I have since resolved to cherish it by the day. :)

And I picked up French. Et le français est une belle langue, oui! J’aime le français♥ :) Another quiet dream of old – to keep learning languages – taken up, another sweet little adventure begun. And so, thanks to my lovely lessons in basic French, I do love speaking in my (admittedly, primitive) French and belting out fave songs – Pink Martini‘s gorgeous French – and even Italian songs are unmissable, do check them out when you can.

Also, picked up quite a wealth of knowledge (on photography, a latent interest until then), inspiration and sweet friendship through Instagram, a nifty iPhone photo-sharing app. Je savoure les petits aventures d’Instagram, aussi ;)

Perhaps, many achievements of 2011 remain unsaid, but just one more: I have finally mastered the sari, I think. (En fin, ouais!) :) I’m no longer perplexed by the exacting demands of symmetry it seems to proclaim, and discover this newfound maneagability to be – strangely, I concur – very much like my reaction to…Tolstoy! Heh heh

Here’s to a blessed, brighter and more beautiful 2012, dear all! Bonne année à tout le monde! :) Take care and signing off with J’y suis jamais allé, a gorgeous track from Amelie, and composed by Yann Tiersen.

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2 thoughts on “Bonne année à tout le monde!

  1. wow you are learning French.. :D I wish to join you too..
    howz you yaar? its been so long.. how is everybody at home? how did the college go? have you finished your masters! keep in touch.. i started writing diary instead of a blog dear, hope to write in blogs sometime maybe..

    take care

    • @Princess: Heya dear gal♥
      Thank you for dropping by with your love, as always :)
      I hope life’s been treating you kindly and that all’s going well for you.

      Yes, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’d realised that I couldn’t access your site sometime ago, and got a bit worried. Good to know all’s well. I’ve not been writing/ blogging as much, as you can see here. A diary’s a good idea, too. :)

      I’m good, and everyone here’s fine, too. Thank you, ‘ma :)
      I’m half-way through my Masters now, and have been picking up new interests, like languages, too. Strangely, I’ve found that learning languages helps keep me calm and inspired, even during the more stressful times of the semester. :)

      Yes, French is a wonderful ~ and beautiful ~ language to learn! You should pick it up, too, dear friend. I have to admit that my French is still at its rather primitive stage although I do listen to quite a bit of French songs, too. Do try Pink Martini (their music offers a glorious mix of French, English, Italian and many other languages), with songs that are easy to learn. I also enjoy listening to Madeleine Peyroux or for a classic voice, the awe-inspiring Édith Piaf. They are all wonderfully inspiring voices.

      It always feels good to hear from you. Do take good care of yourself and stay wonderful, dear gal.
      With best wishes and love, as always♥

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